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Standing Firm in the Armor of God


For questions regarding our athletics programs or to schedule a game, please contact Darren Smith at

Our Sport’s Philosophy

The goal of Christian Education is to help each student develop academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. Participation in our Interscholastic Sports Program provides a unique opportunity for students to experience life-lessons, while further developing all four of these categories.

Members of the varsity teams at Napa Christian are instructed and encouraged to do their best at all times.  We are always more concerned with the outcome of students’ character, rather than the outcome of any game.  Focus is given to positive use of physical talents, development of Christian sportsmanship, self-discipline, and the practice of teamwork.

Enjoyment of sport is encouraged, along with the fun of participating with others sharing Christian values. Team members work not only to improve self, but also to display a loving care and concern for those around them.

High School Athletics

High School Varsity is a member of the Small School Bridge League. We compete in the following sports when there is enough interest to field a team:

Fall Sports
Girls’ Volleyball
Boys’ Soccer or Boys' Flag Football

Winter Sports
Girls’ Basketball
Boys’ Basketball

Middle School Athletics

Middle School Varsity competes with other local middle schools and other Adventist middle schools in the Bay Area. Sports are offered when there is enough interest to field a team.

Fall - Girls’ Volleyball
Winter - Girls’ Basketball
Winter - Girls’ Basketball

Prolific Prep



Prolific Prep, an elite basketball program for high school athletes, has enrolled their entire team as full time students at Napa Christian. Students involved in the Prolific Prep program are recruited from schools around the country and world.

These students travel the country competing on the highest stage for high school athletics.

We are very proud of these students, and encourage our community to support them at any home games they can. Their schedule can be found on their website