Napa Christian

Standing Firm in the Armor of God

Who Are We?

What sets us apart?

Every student entrusted to our care is a gift from God to be educated for both now and eternity. Napa Christian serves as a private, co-educational, Christian School located in Napa, California. We offer an education from Kindergarten through grade twelve. 

As a small private school we have the ability to see each of our kids as a part of our own family. We know their names, their faces and their individual needs; and that means that no child falls through the cracks.

As with other parochial schools, God is at the core of everything we do. Although we are a faith- based community, our doors are open to all children and families from all walks of life. We are a family here. We love and accept everyone for who they are and appreciate their diversity, insights, and all they have to offer. 

Attending Napa Christian will make your children better people. They will be mentored by the finest, certified Adventist teachers. They will be challenged to learn new concepts, new skills, and new ways of thinking – all rising from the school’s dedication to academic and spiritual excellence. They will be inspired by Biblical models for living, and will be given practical opportunities to develop a God-like character of selfless service.

If you and your children choose to accept this education, we will be proud to help you reach that goal.
Come for a tour and consider joining us, we’ll be so pleased to have you at our table.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio – not more than 24 students per room.
  • Technology – the school has a state-of the-art network with high speed Internet access. Students use computers to learn typing, basic research, and digital presentation skills, as well as learning specialized arts and technical applications of digital technology.
  • CONQUESTS - our cutting edge pedagogy for grades K-8
  • Health & Nutrition – is encouraged and practiced. 
  • Character Development – a holistic view including worship, service to mankind, leadership skills, and overall development of the physical, mental, spiritual, and social realms is taught.
  • Sports – Enjoyment of sport is encouraged, along with the fun of participating in competition.
  • Music – fun and creative outlet through a variety of ensembles
  • Outdoor Educational Experience – is encouraged. Annually a one-week off-campus educational trip is offered to upper-grade students. *Subject to COVID-19 protocols*
  • Reasonable Tuition – you will be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable tuition fees.
  • Diversity - Our staff and students represent a very diverse racial and ethnic makeup that provides a rich cultural environment to learn and harmonize with one another .