Fine Arts Program


At Napa Christian, we are firm believers in the importance of Fine Arts in a well-rounded education. All of our students will have the opportunity to explore many avenues of artistic expression. All students in grades K-8 participate in music and visual arts programs. In high school, students choose which fine arts they will participate in. The other programs are just some examples of the amazing arts units that are incorporated into our cross-curricular learning projects throughout the year.


Napa Christian has a variety of musical outlets for students to explore. No matter the experience level, there is a place for everyone. One of the predominant goals for every music class is to have fun. Making music is all about learning how to share talent and joy with others.

Elementary music: Kindergarten through fourth grade participate in general music classes that include activities and ensembles. They are provided a holistic view of music through instrumental instruction and music theory, as well as background and cultural information regarding music.



Middle School music: Fifth through eighth grade are taken deeper into the music with ensemble work and composition. They also integrate technology into the classroom through performance and direction.



High School Music: 

  • Select Choir - The auditioned choir open to seventh through twelfth graders.


    Musical Theatre:

    Theatre is the art form of social communication. Through discussion, observation, and practice, students can foster a healthy self-concept, develop personal skills, clarify their perceptions of the world, and nurture an awareness of themselves as physical, social, and creative beings.
    Theatre Arts teaches students to be keen observers of human behavior through the study of characters and social interaction in theatre literature. By reading and performing plays, student are encouraged to develop interpersonal skills, cultivate empathy for others, explore relationships, and enhance real-world communication techniques.


    Students are encouraged to transform observation, sensitivity, and imagination into believable stage characters through monologues and scene work. Additional opportunities in technical theatre offer students practice in the creation and execution of costume, scenic, lighting, and sound design.
    Our goal in the Theatre Arts program at Napa Christian is to promote a greater understanding and enjoyment of theatre through quality performances and strong production values.

    Visual Arts:

    The K-12 art program is designed to lay the groundwork for future artists to improve upon and to reinforce previously-attained fundamentals. Perceptual skills and media skills are repeated within grade levels and from one level to the next. Art techniques are developed in sequences to build students' confidence with materials and equipment. New and challenging applications follow the acquisition of basic skills.



    The art curriculum at each grade level is organized around four main themes: Creating Art, Looking at Creation, Growing closer to our Creator, and Art Through the Ages. Aspects of these themes are developed within each year and across all nine years of the CONQUESTS program, and the High School elective course. Within each year, students create in two-and three-dimensions and study drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, graphics, design, architecture, textiles, collages, ceramics, and crafts. Artistic achievements of women and ethnic groups, past and present, are represented.


    NCCE begins filmmakers with the curriculum of screenwriting, followed by a filmmaking program. 

    Screenwriting provides a space for students to draft scripts within a structured environment, giving them the time to carefully and thoughtfully craft the stories they will go on to produce and direct during their filmmaking course. Students receive instruction on conflict and character development, writing techniques, and story structure. 

    Following screenwriting, students have the opportunity to produce, direct, and edit their screenplays with the help of their fellow filmmaking peers. At Napa Christian, filmmaking introduces students to the method of dual-system, sync-sound production where the image and the sound are recorded by separate crew members, the cinematographer and the sound recordist, on separate devices. 

    Students take separate classes in directing technique, producing, cinematography and sound recording in order to complete one of their films. When not directing their own work, students crew for one another's films, rotating between the roles of Sound Technician, Director of Photography, and/or additional actors. Each crew is supervised by an accomplished production instructor who helps guide the director and crew to ensure a safe and successful day of shooting. 



    Jewelry and Metal Arts:

    Students will learn about a variety of quality metals and gemstones appropriate for successful outcomes. They will use torches along with various hand and mechanical tools to join, cut, shape and polish metal and set stones. A variety of chemical solutions are also used to add color and surface textures. 




    2024-25 School Year