Napa Christian

Standing Firm in the Armor of God


"Napa Christian is an excellent school that I cannot recommend enough. I am an alumni that graduated from here just a few years ago. Throughout my elementary school, middle school, and high school years, the faculty and staff always made it very clear that they truly cared about me and my classmates. As a Napa Christian student, you are not just a statistic. You're family.

I occasionally revisit the campus from time to time and have witnessed firsthand its curriculum changes and the positive effects said changes are having on the campus. The principal of Napa Christian is a creative and inspirational visionary, and her positive influence can be seen all over the campus. The events the school puts on throughout the year are fresh and vibrant. In the modernized classrooms you will see young pupils learning about modern electronics and 3D printing. Outside you will see smiling young faces tending to the beautiful campus garden and the unexpected but welcome array of livestock, including chickens and goats. Napa Christian teaches kids how to work practically with their hands, which is more than can be said for many other schools.

Despite the hustle and bustle of these unique school days, the faculty and staff still never seem to fail to tend to each student's growth individually. There is little to no fear of "the principal's office" because the principal knows every student by name. Students can often be seen coming and going from the office not because they are in trouble, but because they need advice from a person they know they can trust or would like to suggest ways to improve the campus; from what I remember, the principal always welcomes their feedback. You can occasionally even spot an alumni simply dropping by to say hello to the principal or their favorite past teacher; even after graduation you still remain an important member of the Napa Christian family.

One valid criticism aimed at the school that still remains relevant is that in terms of college preparation, there is little in terms of "AP classes" or "College Prep" to give high school students a large head start in college. The Advanced College Prep Diploma that most students choose to obtain can result in some college classes being waived, but college credit is often not granted for waived classes. However, I personally have never heard of an alumni saying that this held them back in hindsight. Despite this slight shortcoming, I personally feel that Napa Christian gives their students every important tool needed to succeed not only in their classes but also in the real world. I personally feel that much of my current college success is due to the loving support I received at Napa Christian.

I cannot emphasize it enough; Napa Christian is family. If you are unsure, take a personal tour for yourself. I'm sure that a faculty member or student would be more than happy to show you around."

-Neil, 9-year student, Class of 2016