Who are Prolific Prep of Napa Christian?



Prolific Life at Napa Christian




When you come on to our campus, you may notice some very, very large people walking around. These gentle giants are our Prolific Prep student-athletes.



While Prolific Prep is one of the top high school basketball programs in the United States, across the country in national basketball events, it is the joyful energy these boys bring to our campus that we love so much. We love to see our 6'10" students playing knockout with our third graders at lunch and love it even more when they come back to visit us years after graduating.



Napa Christian, along with Prolific Prep, has graduated 12 McDonalds All-Stars, and 5 NBA players: Jalen Green, Jeenathan Williams, Mouhamed Gueye, Yves Missi, and Adem Bona.